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John Browne Answers on Software Piracy

What are some resources explaining how piracy is (sometimes) good?

Piracy made WordPerfect an industry standard in the 80s. But those days are long past. WP was able to use rampant piracy in lieu of a demo or trial version. Once enough people had grown accustomed to WP inside a business, they would find a need to standardize on it and usually ponied up for the license, if only to get the documentation. Today piracy falls into Fake Rolex GMT For Sale a couple of camps–non-commercial theft of media like movies and music (as well as software applications) but also serious criminal enterprises who are in business only to sell counterfeit copies to unsuspecting users. This is no different from the fake Rolex watches or Gucci handbags being sold in the streets of NYC and Beijing. These counterfeits directly Cheap Rolex Watches compete unfairly with the legitimate IP owner and put that business at a disadvantage.

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